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5 septembre 2008

Ma première Fic en anglais

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Si vous vous demandez quand viendra le chapitre 6 du Projet 12… je suis dessus, mais une fois de plus, je me mets à faire plusieurs choses en même temps.

Ma dernière expérience, traduire l’une de mes dernières fics en anglais, la plus courte, pour un autre fandom. Pas de panique, vous l’avez déjà lue en français si vous êtes passées sur mon site vers le 19 juillet.

Cela donne ce qui suit :

Title : Indescribable happiness
Author : Styx
Fandom : The Devil Wears Prada
Pairing : Miranda / Andy
Original french story : Indicible Bonheur
Red Alert : Deathfic

It is likely that tomorrow at the same time, as we won’t return as planned and without being able to join us on the phone, someone will have found our corpses.

It is a decision that we had taken very quickly. No. It is a decision that Miranda had taken very quickly. But faced with the idea to live even one day without her after twenty-six years of indescribable happiness, there was no hesitation in my voice when I told her that I would go with her. She was ready to defend her decision. She didn’t contest mine.

Two years ago, when doctors diagnosed Miranda with this new scourge of our modern societies that is Alzheimer’s, we were coming out of six difficult years where we had attended, impotent, to the slow falling-apart of the person who was my father.

Miranda, even if no longer the editor in chief of Runway, has not changed at all. Everything must always be perfect, Miranda first and foremost. This inexorable decline, it wasn’t for her. The disease was detected quickly and she was able to benefit from the latest treatments. But they only slow its evolution. And so she decided to leave on her own terms.

We took advantage of the last two years at most. From what I have read and discuss with the neurologist who has followed Miranda, the treatment has been particularly successful. But these last few weeks, her memory began to play tricks and her mood has been feeling the effects. She, however, quickly realized the situation and one morning, she told me that it was time, while she could still do so in full knowledge of the facts. She changed her will, because I didn’t want to survive her. I wrote mine, even if my possessions are much less. We have prepared letters to the twins, held a final dinner with them and their families. Everything was perfect. Miranda was in a good day.

Then we left for our house in the Hamptons.

Last walks on the beach, hand in hand.

Last naps in the arms of each other.

We hesitated on the method, but there was no question that it couldn’t affect her body’s integrity. Miranda still has enough power to get the right molecule from the right sources that will let us leave without any pain.

She is already asleep and I feel my eyelids grow heavy.

I take her in my arms one last time.

Twenty-six years of indescribable happiness


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